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Everything we print is green

With 25 year’s experience of environmentally friendly manufacturing, we are undisputed leaders in this field.

We were one of the first printers in the country to receive the ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation in 1997 and we are FSC® Certified – all our greeting cards are printed on FSC® Certified board and carry the FSC® logo, and we offer this service on any of our clients work.

All our printed materials are produced using vegetable based inks, and completely alcohol free. We use no nasty chemicals in making the printing plates and we use environmentally friendly water based coatings.

Our waste is responsibly recycled from waste paper to plates and ink tins.

We can offer you the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions of your order, and we also offer a free return and recycle facility, allowing you to send back any unwanted printed materials for recycling (even if we didn’t produce them).